Monday, August 9, 2010

The Cathedral and The Catharsis

9:43 PM, August 9, Monte do Gozo, Municipal Albergue, Room 2809, Bed 1

I did it.

We reached Santiago today. I was tearing up during these last 5 kilometers into the city.

We took pictures in the square, reunited with old friends, and told jokes to make light of the serious emotions.

We went to the Pilgrim Office and stood in a long line to get our Compostela certificates. I cried a stream of tears for 10 minutes in line, realizing that I had done it.

I did it.

We went to store our bag at the bag storage. We saw more old friends and traded hugs and congratulations.

We went to the noon mass. I stood in the front center section to the left. I cried for the first half of the mass. It was beautiful and emotional. I was happy and satisfied, for the first time in a very, very long time.

I did it.

We went for lunch and said goodbye to some friends. We reunited in the square with more old friends. We went to check bus times for Fisterra tomorrow.

We returned to the cathedral. I took pictures. I offered my personal prayers. I cried. I prepared to give my confessional while waiting for it to open in English. I cried some more. I gave my confession and, in the eyes of the Catholic Church, was absolved of all of my sins from my entire life. I cried a lot during that part.

I did it.

I parted from the remaining friends. We said our final goodbyes. Dan and I walked the 5 kilometers back to Monte do Gozo. We saw another old friend. We shared dinner.

I came back to our room to write. I cried a little bit more. I’m happy and satisfied.

I did it.


  1. Congrats Matt!

    You did it!


  2. congratulations, Matt! I am so happy for you!
    I see you've experienced the beauty of really is mysterious isn't it. Call me sometime! We haven't talked in forever.